• Spring 2015 IPRA Foundation Newsletter

    Spring 2015 Newsletter A LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT   Dear Friend I hope that 2015 will be a good year for promoting peace research in the world. The IPRA Foundation continues to fund research and scholars who will help promote peace. Please have a look at our website to see

  • December 2014 IPRA Foundation Newsletter

    A LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT Dear Friend We would like to dedicate this issue of the newsletter to one of those people who have given so much to the success of the IPRA Foundation.  We particularly want to remember the many years that our colleague and friend, Chad Alger, served

  • December 2013 Newsletter

    December 2013 Newsletter A LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT Dear Rachel   As we all mourn the passing of our colleagues and friends, Åke Bjerstedt and Christian Wellman, we are reminded also of the legacy they left and the number of young scholars they inspired. We are very grateful for the

  • Spring 2013 Newsletter

    From: IPRA Foundation <president@iprafoundation.org> Subject: Spring 2013 IPRA Foundation Newsletter Reply: president@iprafoundation.org Spring 2013 Newsletter A LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT Dear Friend, The next IPRA conference will be in Turkey on August 10-14, 2014. We are planning a gathering of and presentation by Senesh Fellows and Peace Research Grant recipients.

  • December 2012 Newsletter

      December 2012 A LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT Dear Friend, The International Peace Research Association Foundation Board met in Japan several times during the biennial IPRA Conference. We had a lot of work to do and the Board members spent many hours working together to make decisions which will move

  • February 2012 Newsletter

    February 2012 Dear Friend, Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of our supporters who gave to the IPRA Foundation throughout 2011! Your support is so valuable not only to our budget but also in its endorsement of our work. We have kicked 2012 off with a record number

  • December 2011 Newsletter

    December 2011 Dear Friend, It’s that time again – another year flown by!  I hope that your year has been happy and your work has been productive and fulfilling. This year the IPRA Foundation, on the one hand, is celebrating a number of good things:  we awarded Small Peace Research