February 2012
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Dr. Linda Johnston, PresidentThank you, thank you, thank you to all of our supporters who gave to the IPRA Foundation throughout 2011! Your support is so valuable not only to our budget but also in its endorsement of our work.
We have kicked 2012 off with a record number of applications for the 2012-13 Senesh Fellowship. While it makes it difficult to select one individual to receive the fellowship, it’s encouraging to see such a wide field of impressive young scholars from all over the world entering the peace studies field.

I’m also pleased to announced the final Small Peace Research Grant award of 2011:  to Amra Pandzo of Sarajevo for her research project on the evolution and future of the multi-cultural “Bosnian spirit”.  Read below for details of her work and research plans.  Please be aware that the timeline of our SPRG program has changed this year – please be sure to note the new deadlines given below.

Finally speaking of time-frames, I hope you all have the upcoming IPRA conference on your calendars for November!  It is a unique opportunity for our community to come together to share new research findings, build new relationships, and support each other.  More information will be coming as the IPRA Secretaries-General share it with us; keep reading our semi-monthly newsletters to stay abreast of the latest developments.

In peace,

Dr. Linda M. Johnston


Small Peace Research Grants:
New Deadlines!

The IPRA Foundation has made some changes to its grant-making schedule for the Small Peace Research Grants.  The new deadlines and award announcement dates are as follows:

Period 1 – Applications accepted until Feb. 28

Award made by March 31
Period 2 – Applications accepted until June 30
Award made by July31
Period 3 – Applications accepted until Oct. 31
Award made by Nov. 30


Individuals wishing to apply for a SPRG in 2012 or thereafter are advised to note the new dates.  More detailed information about the SPRG program can be found on our website at:  www.iprafoundation.org/small_grants.shtml.


New Research Grant Awarded –

Congratulations to Amra Pandzo! 


The IPRA Foundation is proud to announce the award of a SPRG to Amra Pandzo of Sarajevo for her research in Bosnia-Herzegovina.  The excerpt describing her project below is taken from her proposal.

“The recent war in BiH (like the two previous world wars) and the success of ethnic cleansing struck a severe blow to the historic development of ethnic interaction and the existent social capital. The war itself denied and sought to destroy the culturally rich fabric and general spirit of goodwill in BiH by insisting on black and white categories, fear, and ‘purifying’ territories of the threatening ‘others.’

“While there is no doubt that the war and this narrative have played a very strong and traumatic role in Bosnian life in the last twenty years, it is seen by many residents in contrast with what they remember (pre-war) or still embrace as their tradition of tolerance and diversity. Today, most young people have minimal exposure to ‘others’ and little sense of ‘active coexistence’ where neighbours of different religions and ethnicities experientially know each others’ cultures, holidays, traditions, and ways of living. Despite nationalist politics and the current segregation of society, the sense of Bosnian spirit remains in some pockets, but it is definitely viewed with more skepticism given the recent past. This project seeks to consider this social dilemma and the possible steps forward into a more peaceful future.

“Some of the answers sought in the oral history-telling:
– what is this Bosnian spirit (how is it defined by residents of BiH) and why is it crucial for the continuance of the Bosnian state?
– What are the roots of this spirit (how was it created)? Was it in Islam’s unique appearance in the Balkans or in Socialism’s ethos of brotherhood and unity?
– how is it passed from generation to generation and how can it be maintained in these new circumstances?
– what are the challenges to keeping this spirit alive today, in the changed, postwar situation of BiH?
– what is the role of fear and victimization in blocking this Bosnian spirit?”

Ms. Pandzo is the director of the Association for Dialogue in Family and Society Small Steps.  She holds two Master’s degrees in comparative literature and in political science. If you have questions about the project or helpful suggestions for Ms. Pandzo, please email her at amrap70(AT)gmail.com.

Psychological Methods Survey –

Please Participate!

Susann Fiedler of the Max Planck Institute for Research on Collective Goods in Bonn, Germany requested assistance from the IPRA Foundation community.  She writes, “You may be aware of the debate going on in the psychological community regarding a recent article that addressed the question of whether current practices should be revised (Simmons et al., 2011, Psychological Science). The article has led to diverse reactions among psychologists; and there is much speculation concerning the popular opinion of “psychologists as a whole” towards the recommendations put forth by the article.

“The Max Planck Institute, in cooperation with the Open Science Framework (http://openscienceframework.org/ ), is conducting a worldwide survey of psychologists to determine the extent to which the recommendations in the above mentioned article are supported by the psychological community. Everyone’s opinion is important; and it is not necessary that you have read the article in order to participate.”

Please help assess current opinions about psychological research practices and the quality of publications in psychological journals by participating in a short survey!  It takes approximately 10 minutes and is completely anonymous. Click here to link to the survey:  http://ww3.unipark.de/uc/extern/9afd/. The survey is open until February 9, 2012.


Participants may also enter into a raffle to win one of three $50 Amazon gift certificates! 


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