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IPRA Foundation News


One exemplary Peace Research Grant was awarded for the November, 2013 funding cycle:


Jogendro Singh Kshetrimayum:  “Collective Concern for Violent Death and Non-Violent Protest in the Midst of Armed Conflict in Manipur, Northeastern India”


A portion of the funding for this grant was provided by donors in honor of Åke Bjerstedt.


See it here:
Jogendro Singh Kshetrimayum

Have you ever wondered why the world is so violent? So have many others. Many scholars and activists around the world are concerned about increasing levels of violence and are interested in providing a world-wide network for peace researchers seeking nonviolent ways to resolve conflict. Peace research has been defined as systematic observation or study of conflict phenomena and peace strategies. Peace researchers explain how the conditions of peace can be advanced and/or the causes of war and other forms of violence be removed.

The International Peace Research Association Foundation (IPRAF), a non-profit, tax-exempt organization founded in 1990 to further the purposes of IPRA, has sought to enhance the processes of peace. IPRAF has engaged in peacemaking projects in the Middle East and the Balkans, provided scholarships for women from the developing world to pursue graduate education, allowed peace researchers from all around the world to travel to peace research conferences, and funded small peace research grants in places as diverse as Argentina, Bosnia, the Philippines, and Uganda.

The IPRA Foundation began as a depository of funds brought in by people with specific peace projects. Funds were invested safely in socially acceptable enterprises and paid out as needed. IPRAF collects funds to support peace research and administers several projects. To see the current projects of the IPRA Foundation, click here.