Tarela Juliet Ike

Nigeria, Ph.D, Criminology and Law, Senior Research Fellow, Coal City University, Enugu, Nigeria, Senior Lecturer in Criminology and Policing, Teesside University, UK 2022

Group-integrated Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to aid communities' reintegration of deradicalized former Boko Haram members and their families in Nigeria: A randomised control trial

Tarela Juliet Ike

Project Summary

Reintegrating former deracialised terrorists and their families into society is an important policy problem that poses significant concerns, especially regarding peacebuilding and reducing reoffending. Of such concern is the gap in addressing communities’ trauma because of terrorist activities and its role in impacting successful reintegration in Nigeria. Our project seeks to pilot a Group integrated Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (Gi-CBT) in comparison to media intervention to examine its feasibility and acceptability in encouraging reintegration. The findings of our project seek to contribute to furthering the goals and mission of IPRAF to advance the field of peace research through a rigorous investigation into the causes of conflict and examination of alternatives to violence.


Dr Tarela Juliet Ike is a Senior Visiting Fellow at Coal City University, Nigeria. Tarela is also a Senior Lecturer in Criminology and Policing with research interests and specialism in terrorism, counterterrorism, and peacebuilding in the post-conflict context. Tarela is an award winner of the British International Studies Association Africa Affairs PG prize for excellence in research output. Tarela is also involved in evidence-based research that informs policy. Her work revolves around understanding the drivers of terrorism and violence, state responses to insecurity, including terrorism and contextualising the social context in which reintegration occurs. Tarela is also keen to develop ways to enhance community reintegration of ex-offenders broadly defined into society.

Evangelyn Ebi Ayobi, Co-investigator,  is an award-winning research assistant with expertise in data collection, transcription, and preparation of data for analysis. Evangelyn is actively involved in a range of evidence-based research that seeks to improve understanding of attitudes and perceptions towards ex-offenders and interventions to improve their reintegration into society. Evangelyn has also presented at numerous international platforms, such as the British International Studies Association and the African and Caribbean Mental Health Conference hosted by Nottingham Trent University, UK. As part of her expertise, Evangelyn also engages in evidence-based synthesis, intervention delivery in areas on community and ex-offenders’ reintegration.

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