Rachel Trueblood

Secretary/Treasurer, Board of Directors

profile of Rachel Trueblood

Rachel Trueblood has many years of experience in teaching many subjects to many ages.  In addition to teaching high school for many years, she has also taught at the middle school level as well as at the preschool, elementary school, college and adult levels.  She has specialized in teaching geometry, language arts, English pronunciation, earth science and Theater.  She has been a Business Administrator at several private schools and other non-profit organizations and has been the Owner of her own bookkeeping and accounting business for 30 years, specializing in non-profit accounting.  She has also trained extensively in and works in the area of internet marketing.  She has trained in Non-Violent Communication skills and a wide variety of healing arts modalities.  She is a writer, mime, clown and street performer who especially loves teaching theater skills and producing theater pieces.  She holds a B.A. from St. John’s College in Santa Fe, N.M.  Ms. Trueblood is Secretary/Treasurer of the IPRA Foundation and is actively involved in every aspect of its work, and she also serves at the Webmaster.