Nagasura Madale


“Buddy Buddy for Peace” 2002

Nagasura Madale

Inter-Group Peacebuiliding in the Philippines

Former Small Peace Research Grantee Nagasura T. Madale, Ph.D. (In-country project coordinator, Access Philippines) talks about how the work begun with her IPRA Foundation research grant has blossomed:

The small grant, Buddy Buddy for Peace, became a spring board for a larger program, called Access Philippines Youth Leadership training funded by the U.S. Dept. of State and we are now on our 6th year.

We invite applicants from Mindanao, youths and adults from tri-peole – Muslims, Christians and tribal people and those who qualify go to NIU for a one-month training on peace, mediation and conflict resolution. After the training, they go back to Mindanao and do their small projects on peace in their respective communities. After three months, we assemble them for a follow-on activity where they discussed success stories as well as problems encountered in their communities.

The program was responsible for the establishment of a network of youths and adults in Mindanao for peace and development. Indeed, the Buddy Buddy for Peace was like a Pandora’s box that paved the way for a lot of activities and opportunities for the youth and adults in Mindanao on interfaith dialogue as well as other peoples of the world. Those interested to know more about it can log on to:

The Foundation acknowledges that Nagasura T. Madale has successfully completed his project.