Images from a few of the many peace research projects the IPRA Foundation has funded

Awardees:  William Adler and Jody Jenkins  2013
Project:  Documentary Video "Sweet Home Costa Rica"

William Adler and Jody Jenkins


Awardee:  Karenjot Bhangoo Randhawa  2004
Project:  "How Does Religious Conflict Shape the Views of Conflict and Peacemaking in the State of Punjab?"

Karenjot Bhangoo Randhawa

Civil Society in Malerkotla, Punjab

Awardee:  Alayna Wool  2009
Project:  "Collective Photographic Memory of the Surviving Achis"



Study takes place in Rabinal, Baja Verapaz, Guatemala

Compiling the Photographs of Victims





Ixil Dancers

Awardee:  W. Timothy Austin, Ph.D
Project:  "Peacekeeping Models in a Terror-Prone Land: the Case of Northwestern Mindanao in the Southern Philippines"

W. Timothy Austin, Ph.D

Riding in a Canoe in Northern Mindanao

Roasting a Goat in Northwestern Mindinao in the Southern Philippines

Awardees:  Kimberly Dannels-Ruff, Michelle Parker, Channa Threat and Evis Vasilii  2003
Project:  "Project for Peace Building and Research in Crimea"

Student Researchers

Ukraine Session

Ukraine Lunch Meeting with Tatar NGO

Awardee:  Antonia Young  2005
Project:  “Northern Albanian Tribal Systems: An Historical Study of Ethnic Identity Formation and Conflict in the Shala River Valley”

Nigel and Antonia Young

Antonia Young Art Show - Peace Parks Across the Border

Photo Exhibit at IPRA Conference in Calgary, 2006

Balkans Peace Park Project

Awardee:  Jogendro Kshetrimayum  2013
Project:  “Collective Concern for Violent Death and Non-Violent Protest in the Midst of Armed
Conflict in Manipur, Northeastern India”

Jogendro Kshetrimayum

Jogendro Outside Jail

Jogendro with Irom Sharmila

Jogendro at Sit-In Protest

Awardee:  Katherine Layton  2012
Project:  "Chechens"

Katherine Layton

Chechens - Book by Katherine Layton

Awardee:  Matthew Eddy  2015
Project:  “A Bold Peace (Finishing Funds for a Documentary Film about Costa Rica’s Path of Demilitarization)”

Matthew Eddy

Mathew Eddy recording sound in Costa Rica

Matthew Eddy Dove Sculpture - Image from Trailer at

Awardee:  Jude Cocodia  2014
Project:  “The African Union as Peacekeeper: An Evaluation on Effective Peacekeeping”

Jude Cocodia

Jude Cocodia

Jude Cocodia

Jude Cocodia

Awardee:  Andrea Del Pilar Rodriguez Sanchez   2015
Project:  “A study about collective music programmes as spaces for the rebuilding of the social fabric in communities subject to armed conflicts in Colombia”

Andrea Del Pilar Rodriguez Sanchez




Andrea del Pilar Rodriguez Sanchez




Andrea and Child


Sebastian with Parrot

Janeth Family


Jacxon and Uva


Jacxon on the Contrabass

Diomedes and his Mother


Brianis and her Mother

Batula Children

Floriencia Concert


Awardee: Emma Swan 2014
Project:  “An Exploration into the Gendered Interpretation of Sumud and its Subsequent
Manifestation in Palestinian Peacebuilding: Towards a Gender Inclusive Model of

Emma Swan


Emma Swan

Emma Swan in Palestine




Awardee: Lauren Young 2014
Project:  “Promises and Pain: The Use of Coercion and Patronage to Win Elections”


Lauren Young




Lauren Young

Awardee: Nerve Macaspac 2016
Project:  “Insurgent Peace: An Ethnography of Local Peacebuilding among Indigenous Peoples in Sagada, Philippines”

Nerve Macaspac







Nerve Macaspac


Awardee: Laura Vinson 2016
Project:  “Perception of Conflict and Pathways to Peace: Understanding Incident Framing in
Jos, Nigeria”

Laura Vinson







Laura Vinson

Laura's Research Assistants

Laura's Research Assistants

Laura's Research Assistants


Awardee: Namakula Evelyn Mayanja 2016
Project:  “People’s Experiences, Perceptions and Images of Conflict
and Peacebuilding in South Kivu, Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo”

Namakula Evelyn Mayanja










Namakula Evelyn Mayanja

Evelyn with local children in South Kivu, Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo

Evelyn with local women in South Kivu, Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo

Banro Corporation Mining Site


Cinjira Houses (houses built by the Banro Corporation for some communities displaced by the company)


Awardee: Anna Snyder 2017
Project:  “Refugees as Transnational Activists: Women’s League of Burma Building
Bridges for Social Change”

Anna Snyder









Anna Snyder

Yangon Shwedagon Temple

Anna Snyder with Staff at the Centre for Development of Ethnic Studies in Yangon