Gene Sharp


printing costs for “There Are Alternatives” 2003


PROBLEM: The need exists for ongoing research and policy studies on the methods of non-violent action and their past use in diverse conflicts. The results of research need to be shared with the public through publications, conferences, and the media. Additionally, consultation needs to occur with groups in conflict about the strategic potential of non-violent action. There are five key elements involved in strategic planning: initial assessment, analysis, strategy development, capacity building, and open struggle.

RESEARCH METHOD: The planned publication will be called “There Are Alternatives.” It will include a discussion on the need for non-violent forms of struggle, an introduction to the techniques and methods, a presentation of the need to plan these struggles strategically, along with a glossary of key terms and a reading list. The seminal article for the publication is a paper “Developing a Realistic Alternative to War and Other Violence,” presented by Gene Sharp at a joint meeting of the International Peace Research Association Foundation and COPRED at Sienna College in 1999. A compilation of previously written material, the book will include chapters on Developing A Realistic Alternative to War and Other Violence; the Importance of Strategic Planning in Nonviolent Struggle; and Steps in Strategic Planning for Nonviolent Struggles Against Repressive Regimes.

RESULTS: The awarding of the small peace grant allowed for previously written papers to be generated into one publication. The initial plan was to run 1,000 copies. The publication can be used for individual study, readings for study groups, as a supplementary small text book and a reference, to accompany other texts in the field of conflict, peace, security policies, and related issues.

The Foundation acknowledges that Gene Sharp has successfully completed his project.