Dorrah Nas Munjaru



Kenyatta University, Nairobi, Department of Sociology, Gender and Development Studies, Major: Gender and Development Studies, Emphasis: War experiences and community reintegration among ex-servicewomen post deployment

Dorrah Munjaru


Dorrah Munjaru holds a Bachelor of Science in Communication and Journalism degree from Moi University, Kenya, and is currently pursuing a Master of Arts in Gender and Development Studies at Kenyatta University in the same country. Her thesis intends to focus on how war experiences during deployment affect community reintegration of ex-servicewomen post-deployment in Wakiso District, Uganda. Her area of research is informed by her passion for inclusivity, gender equity and desire to see an increase in the number of women actively participating in peace processes across the globe. It is her belief that her study will not only contribute to the acceleration and realization of United Nations Security Council Resolution (UNSCR) 1325 of 2000 and UNSCR 1820 of 2008, but also assist war veterans in leading peaceful and fulfilling lives.

Dorrah’s commitment to gender equity, reduced inequality and quality education manifests itself in her social media platforms and on her personal blog where she openly and actively advocates for women’s/girls’ rights, inclusion and social justice. Previously, Dorrah volunteered in radio programs production as a researcher, producer and presenter and as a civic educator in the local community in her rural home in western Kenya. Currently, she works at CGTN Africa as a media coordinator, liaising between Nairobi office and Beijing Headquarters in creating, implementing and optimizing strategies for media operations. Additionally, she volunteers as a research assistant for the UNDP’s COVID-19 Global Gender Tracker where she is part of the team that analyzes (with a gender lens) policies adopted by governments across the globe to mitigate the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Dorrah is also a skilled writer, proofreader and digital media manager. Her professional achievements include establishing social media presence for start-ups and pioneering programs focusing on solution journalism.

Dorrah is an avid reader. She believes that knowledge is power. Her love for reading has seen her engage in book drives to equip libraries in schools in rural areas in Kenya. It is her desire to build a literacy centre in her home village to ensure that children from less advantaged homes have access to adequate study opportunities and to help improve their literacy skills. She spends her free time exploring nature, indulging in community projects and researching for her podcast that aims at fighting misinformation.

After completion of her graduate degree, Dorrah intends to delve fully into gender policy research and formulation for humanitarian organizations. She desires to pursue a PhD in migration studies afterwards. She also plans on combining her voice and knowledge gained in advocating for gender parity in education in arid and semi-arid areas in her home country.