"promoting peace activities informed by peace research"
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Dates: 2000-2001
Recipient: Amira Osman
Home Country: Sudan
Attended: University of Bradford in U.K.
Major: Peace Studies





Amira OsmanI am a gender and peace activist from Sudan. I hold an MA in gender and Development, an MA in Rural Development and a Diploma in Research Methodology. Currently I am working towards my PhD entitled: Engendering Displaced Persons: Survival Strategies, The State and NGOs. My research focuses on the gender aspects of displacement in Khartoum, Sudan. It analyzes different survival strategies being employed by displaced persons in camps and how do they affect gender

roles and gender relations.

I am also a Founder, (with others), of the Gender Centre for Research and Training (GCRT) in Sudan, the first of its kind to address gender issues in conflict resolution, peace building and development.