"promoting peace activities informed by peace research"
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To apply for a Peace Research Grant, please fill out the application form and email it and the following documents to the Grant Administrator. The current Grant Administrator is Crystal Money.

The Grant Administrator accepts all the required grant application documents, communicates with applicants, sends grant applications to the review committee, collates the committee’s results, informs applicants whether or not they have won an IPRA Foundation Peace Research Grant, and continues to follow up with grant recipients to collect interim and final reports.

Successful applicants agree to include the following in all current and future written and oral presentations related to this research project: “This research was funded by the Peace Research Grant Program of the International Peace Research Association Foundation.” If you are interested in viewing previous recipients, please view the Grant Awardees page.

There are four documents needed to apply for a Peace Research Grant:

• The application form
• Your curriculum vita
• A letter of support from an official of an organization with which you have been associated, on that organization’s letterhead. This letter should be sent directly by its author to Crystal Money  (please email it or have it emailed to the email address below.)
• Your Project Proposal

The Project Proposal should include your explanation of the problem or research question investigated by the project, the goals of the project, a detailed research strategy, a timeline for completion of the project, a budget, a brief, relevant bibliography, and full contact information (including phone, postal and email address) for three references. The Project Proposal document must not exceed six single-spaced pages exclusive of bibliography with 1 inch margins all around, Times New Roman Font 12. (For suggestions on how to address these issues and to structure the proposal, please consult The Foundation Center Learning Lab.)

The proposal must address how the project furthers the goals and mission of the International Peace Research Association Foundation, which are to advance interdisciplinary research into the conditions of peace and the causes of war and other forms of violence. Peace research is distinguished by its attention to systematic observation or study of conflict phenomena and peace strategies. We are especially interested in projects that investigate how the conditions of peace can be advanced and/or the causes of war and other forms of violence be addressed, including their effects on people and society.

The Project Proposal should also include a dissemination plan that explains how you will share your research and how your research could lead to action that will promote peace.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Our Peace Research Grants do not allow for indirect costs, particularly in the form of facilities or administration.  All funds must be used for the intended research project.

Only one grant will be awarded to any applicant from either the Peace Research Grant Program or the Small Peace Research Grant Program.    If you have previously received a grant, please do not apply for another.


1) Initial Award Date:  Successful applicants will receive 60% of their award at the beginning of the project, i.e. on the initial award date, and the final 40% only after project completion and a final report as described below has been submitted.

2) Project End Date:  The Project Proposal should state the date the project is anticipated to end. After the grant is awarded, the actual completion date may be negotiated with the Grant Administrator.

3) Six Month Progress Report:  A one page progress report 6 months after receiving a grant must be submitted summarizing how the money has been spent to date, what has been accomplished, and identifying obstacles and delays, if any.

4) Report Date:  An applicant must determine the date on which the final project report will be due. The final project written report is a three page, single-spaced final written report to the IPRA Foundation after the project’s completion. This report must identify project outcomes, including what was accomplished and learned. Primary Investigators should also explain additional dissemination and publication plans as part of the project outcomes. This final report must be completed within the timeline submitted in the proposal or within a revised timeline agreed upon with the president of the IPRA Foundation. The outstanding 40% of grant funding will be disbursed upon receipt of this report and all other required materials.

5) Newsletter Article:  In addition, an awardee will provide a brief report on the project and its outcomes written in a style appropriate for the IPRA Foundation Newsletter. This brief report of 250-500 words, is due on the same date as the Final Report Date.

6) Presentation Date:  This date is determined after the award has been granted and consists of an oral presentation at an IPRA or IPRA affiliate meeting.

Peace Research Grant Instructions Printable pdf

Download the IPRA Foundation Peace Research Grant Application and fill it in.