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Before filling out this application, read the Instructions.  Your application will not be considered if it is not complete; additional documents are required for a full application.  The list of these additional documents will be found in the Instructions.

Only one grant will be awarded to any applicant from either the Peace Research Grant Program or the Small Peace Research Grant Program.  If you have previously received a grant, please do not apply for another.

There are four documents needed to apply for a Peace Research Grant:

• This application form
• Your curriculum vita
• A letter of support from an official of an organization with which you have been associated, on that organization’s letterhead. This letter should be sent directly by its author to Crystal Money.
• Your Project Proposal


Project Title:

Name of Principal Investigator (PI):

PI Address:


Telephone: Alternate Telephone(optional):

Fax (optional):

Email Address:

Alternate email address (optional):

1. Total Amount for the Project (USD$):

2. Matching funds provided by you personally:

3. List all other grant applications made for this project, including agency/foundation name, amount requested, and decision (or expected date of decision)(if none, write “NONE”):

4. Amount requested from the IPRA Foundation ($1-$5,000):

5. Are you a member of the International Peace Research Association (IPRA)?

Yes_____ No_____
or one of its affiliates: AFPRA, APPRA, CLAIP, EuPRA, or PJSA? If yes, which one?

6. a) Estimated date of project completion:

b) Estimated date of final report:

Save your application and email it to Crystal Money. Put “IPRAF” in the subject heading.